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Welcome worldwide fashion lovers! I don´t know if this show it´s the best show ever or not but I can´t deny, THE WARDROWE IT´S FABOLOUS! Maybe the youthful style based on Sex and the City signature fashion. Be welcomed to post about the style of Gossip Girl, where can buy it and why not, create your own Gossip Girl look! XOXO!


Posted By petitcecile on Apr 30, 2008 at 11:06AM

Designer Abigail Lorick on Dressing the Gossip Girls

We're all obsessed with the clothes on the CW's Gossip Girl, but what we didn't know is that Blair's mother's fashion line, Waldorf Designs, is in fact a real collection called Lorick. Designer Abigail Lorick tells what it's like to dress the most fashionable girls on television:

"I was friends with someone in the Gossip Girl wardrobe department. They knew that I was launching a collection and coincidently there was a character on the show who was a fashion designer. I showed them Lorick and they thought it would be a good fit for the line behind Eleanor Waldorf."

"Blair (Leighton Meester) wears a lot of Lorick, and there are scenes where she gives away Lorick clothes to Jenny (Taylor Momsen) as hand-me-downs. At Eleanor Waldorf's big photo shoot Serena (Blake Lively) is wearing one of my skirts with a crinoline underneath it and a bustier top. At the end Blair and Serena have the backless dresses on as they run around the city. I also had a cameo in that episode as one of Eleanor's assistants!"

"After the episode with the backless dresses we had 20 girls a day calling wanting that dress. I couldn't believe that everyone was so influenced by it. They didn't even want to try it on -- they just wanted it!"

"Blair definitely is a Lorick lady. That is our concept -- a contemporary, preppy chic classic line. The whole concept is bringing this modern elegance back to my generation of women."

"I'm hoping to inspire women to dress-up again, to wake up in the morning and throw the scarf on, wear gloves in the summer or pair a T-shirt with a full skirt. Women today don't embrace that excitement."

"A lot of my pieces are classic and timeless, but there's a twist, like the backless dress. From the front it's a classic and then from the back it's so sexy. It's finding that line -- keeping that timelessness but being sexy, fun and quirky at the same time."

I love the concept of women going to work and putting a little polo on over their dress, then going out after for cocktails, taking off the polo and having this great, fabulous dress on underneath. Our generation of women is working. They love their jobs, but they also want to go out and have a good time."

"It's been important watching the show and being friends with Meredith [Markworth Pollack, Gossip Girl's costume designer] and seeing how the girls respond. When you watch something on TV you're getting a completely different perspective. I don't know if? it's necessarily that I am designing for Blair, but it does allow me to step back and say "Okay, this is how this looks and this is how people perceive it."

"The show helps me see what the best sellers will be. Seeing the girls wearing the clothes lets me see how other girls are going to be wearing these pieces, what looks the best and what doesn't."

"Three essentials for every girl? A trench coat, a great oxford shirt and a black dress."

For more information and photos please visit Abigail´s site!

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